updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

Ethiopia :Mother of stowaway Somali teen fears for life

  • Published in Ethiopia
By ABDI GULED Associated Press
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- The mother of an ethnic Somali teenager who stowed away on a plane from California to Hawaii has left a refugee camp in Ethiopia because of what she says are death threats.
An official at the Shedder Refugee Camp in Ethiopia, Abdlrasak Abas Omar, says Ubah Mohammed Abdule was moved from the camp for safety reasons. He said Abdule showed camp administrators anonymous calls she said were made by people threatening her with death.
The teen stowed away in the wheel well of a jetliner during a 5 1/2-hour flight to Hawaii in April. Since then, Abdule says she has received threats from callers she believes are her ex-husband's relatives.
A family spokeswoman forwarded questions to father Abdilahi Yusuf about the allegations. As with past requests, Yusuf did not respond.
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