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Foreign aid corruption: capitalism to blame

 The Tories have provided £10.4 million for Libyan refugee camps - condemned as feeding grounds for human traffickers

The Tories have provided £10.4 million for Libyan refugee camps - condemned as feeding grounds for human traffickers
To justify calls to reduce the foreign aid budget, parts of the capitalist establishment have pointed to the corruption that permeates the business of aid.

They're not wrong. Adam Smith International, one of Britain's largest foreign aid contractors, has seen four senior executives resign over questions of ethical integrity. And the Independent Commission for Aid Impact has euphemistically suggested that UK aid in Libya could cause "unintended harm" to vulnerable migrants.

Some voices on the right say that reducing Britain's contributions - supposedly for the global poor - will somehow solve issues of corruption. Of course, it won't. Corrupt politicians and executives will simply take a bigger cut.

Before Cameron bombed Libya, its 'Great Man-Made River' provided 6.5 million cubic metres of clean water across the Sahara Desert to nearly six million people. Today 30% of the country lacks access to fresh water.

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Anti-terrorism laws have ‘chilling effect’ on vital aid deliveries to Somalia

Fear of prosecution under UK and US counter-terror laws hinders those trying to provide humanitarian assistance in areas held by Islamic militants
Strict British and US counter-terrorism laws are discouraging humanitarian organisations from delivering vital emergency assistance to millions of people facing starvation and fatal diseases in drought-hit Somalia.
Senior humanitarian officials say the laws, which target any individual or organisation found to have materially assisted a terrorist group, exert a “chilling effect” on vital assistance in areas of Somalia controlled by Islamic militants from al-Shabaab, an al-Qaida affiliate.
The worst drought for 40 years in the unstable east African country threatens 6 million people with famine. Most of the worst hit – around 2 million people – live in areas run by al-Shabaab.
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Sterling Energy Fails To Escape Losses Despite Revenue And Output Lift

LONDON - Sterling Energy PLC on Tuesday said it remained in the red during the first quarter of 2017, despite seeing revenue and production both more than double from the previous year, and it said its plan to drive growth through mergers and acquisitions is continuing.
Sterling said net production from the Chinguetti field off the coast of Mauritania was raised to 342 barrels per day on average in the three months to the end of March, improving from 106 barrels daily a year earlier.
That helped to bump up revenue in the first quarter to USD2.1 million from just USD725,000 a year earlier. Notably, total revenue over all 12 months of 2016 was USD4.8 million, implying Sterling is on track to comfortably multiply revenue over the full year.
The adjusted loss before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation and exploration expense was USD784,000 in the first quarter versus the USD2.0 million loss a year before, while the loss after tax narrowed to USD1.2 million from USD5.0 million.

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What Does the London Conference on Somalia Aims to Achieve, UK Govt Tells

LONDON  — The Government of the United Kingdom is preparing to host a conference on Somalia, making the second such conference since 2012.
This year, the London Conference on Somalia will take place in London on May 11th, 2017. The conference which will be co-chaired by Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, elected in February 8th, and the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. It will convene Heads of State and Government from across East Africa and other key partners, along with senior figures from international organisations.
When the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Mogadishu and met Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in mid-March he was not only delivering the message of the conference but also emphasizing the core agenda of the conference.  
UK's theme of the conference
The UK Government believes that Somalia deserves a surge in support to secure the progress the country made during the past five years.
The upcoming Somalia Conference will address key issues among them security, political reform and governance, economic development and new partnership agreement between Somalia’s government institutions and the international community.

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