updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

Manchester terror attack suicide bomb hits Ariana Grande arena gig as police confirm kids among 22 dead

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Helpers attend to people inside the Manchester Arena after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device

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Among the many dead is Ariana Grande fan Georgina Callander who has today been described as a girl who “lit up the room”.

She had tragically written to her pop hero yesterday, telling the pop star: “SO EXCITED TO SEE U TOMORROW”.

A close friend told the Evening Standard she died with her mother at her hospital bedside.

Thousands of adults, teenagers and children screamed and fled in panic as a terrorist detonated a huge bomb – thought to be packed with nails and bolts - as Ariana’s concert ended at the Manchester Arena.

Witnesses told of seeing shards of metal tearing into concert-goers in the foyer area of the world-famous concert venue – leaving dozens lying in pools of blood.

The horrific blast could he heard echoing through the packed arena as families tried to make their way home as the concert came to an end just after 10.40pm.

Theresa May said this morning the attack "stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice."

The PM sadded the "cowardice of the attacker was met by the bravery of the emergency services and the people of Manchester."

She also revealed police and security staff believe they know identity of attacker but won't reveal it now.

Two former top anti-terror cops have said the atrocity was “well planned” and “sophisticated”.

The horrific attack came as:

    At least 22 people died and a further 59 were injured
    Many others are reported missing after not returning home
    Cops confirmed the attacker was a lone bomber who also died
    The blast happened in a foyer outside the main hall
    Cops confirmed “children” were killed in the attack
    Investigators branded the explosion “terrorism”
    More than 100 people came forward to donate blood
    In the moments after the attack, officers blew-up a suspicious item nearby
    Terrified family and friends pleaded for information on missing people online
    Theresa May suspended all election campaigning
    US President Trump has offered his condolences to the victims