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Maritime English Language course held in Berbera Maritime and Fishery Academy

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July 27th 2017

Maritime English Language course held in Berbera Maritime and Fishery Academy
Somaliland Coast Guard personnel assigned to the Operation Room in the coastal city of
Berbera participated in a Maritime English Language course organized by EUCAP from July 15th
to 27th.

EUCAP Somalia press release - Legal Maritime Seminal held in Mogadishu

July 20th 2017

Legal Maritime seminar held in Mogadishu

On July 20th, Somali Prosecutors and Maritime Police Officers successfully concluded a three-day

Maritime Legal Seminar in Mogadishu organized by EUCAP Somalia in cooperation with the EU Military

Training Mission in Somalia, EUTM and EU NAVFOR Atalanta.

“The cooperation between the police and prosecutors in the maritime context” and “the Somali Legal

system related to the Maritime Police Unit legal tasks and responsibilities” were among the

subjects touched by the seminar, which is part of an on-going effort to help strengthen the cooperation

between Somali police and prosecutors.

UK aid in a conflict-affected country: Reducing conflict and fragility in Somalia

In extremely challenging circumstances, UK aid is making a positive contribution to state-building and stability in Somalia. UK aid is making a positive contribution to state-building and stability in Somalia, despite facing extremely challenging circumstances.

The aid, which amounted to £185m in 2016/17, delivered significant achievements in Somalia. However, the UK could improve its performance in several important areas.

Government departments working in Somalia have successfully integrated their work under a single UK strategy. However they need to do more to ensure their work is underpinned by an agreed view on the causes of the conflict, to help target aid programmes and ensure that they ‘do no harm’.

The UK has helped develop a political settlement in the world’s most fragile state, but more should be done to include ordinary Somalis in the political processes – to help ensure the settlement will last.

The UK government has adapted to the difficult operating environment in Somalia, including through its use of private sector contractors who have been able to work in areas recovered from the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

from Government of the United Kingdom

Somalia:Cabinet passes the Draft National Communications Act

The Cabinet of the Federal Government of Somalia has unanimously passed the draft National Communications Act, submitted by the Ministry of Posts, Telecom and Technology.

This act is one of the oldest draft laws that was not passed by the Parliament. However, the Ministry has in the last couple of months accelerated the review process of this draft law through consultations with all stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Committee on Telecom and Information, regional states, telecom operators, ISPs and the academia.

The Act, once passed, will regulate the telecom sector, one of Somalia's thriving industries, and protect the rights of both consumers and investors.