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Mr. Siilanyo,Let the Youth Serve Their Motherland Not Octogenerians Like You.!!

This is exactly where the irony lies, our own government has been recycling wazees for ages in both civil service and parastatals till the youth cannot take it anymore.
Just take a look at the heads of parastatals, senior civil service positions. What do you expect from a youth who finished college 5-10 years, unemployed still watches his most energetic days pass by as say a many youths in greying years is recyled from one job to another; to wait until the man dies before he can get a job?

If Ahmed Siilanyo had passed his date for civil service employment which is at 62 now as most PSs and othe senior civil servants have yet the youth as these same people who have worked, and possible ruined our country in the process are recyled year in year out, you ask the youth to sit by and not feel frustrated and they sit back not any more?

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Hope and urgency in Somalia

The formation of a new cabinet is a positive step, but the international community must now offer sustained support.

Afyare Elmi

In a bold move that reveals his strong political will and willingness to affect change, the new Somali prime minister has appointed 18 ministers to his cabinet.
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An al Shabaab government could bring Somalia back to fold of world nations

By Kisiangani Emmanuel
Somalia has, over the past two decades, deteriorated into one of the world’s worst security and humanitarian challenges. Characterised by insidious conflict, political fragmentation, and an informal economy, Somalia represents the archetypal failed state.

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Daallo Airlines & Dahabshiil Deserve the Nobel Prize for Public Service! By Noah

Having the Somali language written in Latin is, in my view, is a blessing in disguise. It is probably the noblest thing the Military Regime had realized during its decades long rule. And it is only as a result of that achievement that Somali websites today, mushroom across the globe in the worldwide web.


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