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Top 10 tablets available now

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Apple iPad Air

Our verdict:

Much of the iPad Air is the same as last year’s model: same camera, same Retina display. The operating software is new but you can get that already on earlier iPads. So should you upgrade? Yes, don’t hesitate.

This is the most glorious piece of hardware Apple has yet devised, iPhones, iPod and macs included. If you felt the iPad mini was the one for you because it was so light and pocketable, you may want to think again now you can have the bigger screen in a device that’s still stunningly light and manageable.

And it’s so fast! The speed lift on its own would have been enticement enough to justify the new purchase. Matched with the gorgeous hardware and the spectacular convenience of a super-light tablet that fits in a smaller space without compromising screen size, this is a stunning piece of kit that puts Apple out in front again. http://t.tech.uk.msn.com/tablets/top-10-tablets-available-to-buy-right-now

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