updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

Somalia to get 4G LTE High-Speed Internet

Glocall Telecoms has announced plans of providing high-speed internet in Mogadishu using  Tazca Connects’ LTE infrastructure.

Glocall’s CEO, Mobeen Bhamjee, has issued a statement saying that the deployment of the 4G LTE would accelerate internet connectivity in Somalia. Glocall and its subsidiaries reportedly plan to deploy the network to commercial centers, as well as homes and schools.

He further added that wireless broadband internet would offer new opportunities to promote socio-economic growth.

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Glocall Telecoms plans to deploy 4G in Somalia

East African nation Somalia is set to become the next African country to launch a 4G/LTE (long term evolution) network in that country's capital city, Mogadishu.

Global voice, data and carrier solutions provider Glocall Telecom LLC announced that it plans to set up a 4G network in Somalia.

The US based company plans to partner with broadband company, Tazca Connects, to help businesses, schools and homes connect to a fast and reliable internet connection.

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'Death watch' counts down time you have left alive

Just think how easier things would be if we knew how much time we had left on this planet.

We could make plans, settle scores, fulfil ambitions - and ignore that bit of redecorating we were never going to get round to anyway.

Now a Swedish inventor has come up with something that serves this very purpose.

Fredrik Colting has created a watch designed to display the time you have left to live.

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Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test Wi-Fi

US planemaker Boeing used an unusual substitute for passengers to test its in-flight wi-fi system - potatoes.


Passenger seats on a decommissioned plane were loaded with huge sacks of the tubers for several days as signal strengths were checked.

The company's researchers say that potatoes "interact" with electronic signals in a similar way to humans.

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