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iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 comparison review

Now we know the tech specs of the iPhone 5, we take an in-depth look at how it stacks up against a Windows Phone 8 rival: Nokia's flagship Lumia 920


Reactions to the iPhone 5 have been mixed, with some fans getting ready to queue up on 21st September to hand wads of cash in exchange for unlocked handsets. Meanwhile, others haven't been quite as impressed and see the upgrades to Apple's sixth-generation iPhone as necessary improvements to keep the premium phone in the running.


We take a look at one potential alternative in this comparison review: the Lumia 920. See also: iPhone 5 review.

As we've had limited hands-on time with these phones, we'll have to leave a definitive comparison for later, but for now, the specs can do the talking. See also: iPhone 5 hands-on review See iPhone 5 price in UK.

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Apple iPhone 5 unveiled with taller screen and 4G

Apple has unveiled a taller, 4G-enabled iPhone at an event in San Francisco.

The device's new size allows it to display an extra row of app icons on its home screen.

The firm said it was 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. However, it does not feature an NFC (near field communication) chip to allow it to make touchless payments.

Apple said the handset would work on Everything Everywhere's (EE) 4G LTE network in the UK.

The news is likely to give EE - which runs the local Orange and T-Mobile services - an advantage against its rivals which will not launch the higher-speed data service until 2013.

"I think it's obviously what the other networks feared would happen," said Matthew Howett, a telecoms analyst at Ovum.

"The question will be how many non-EE customers make the switch."

Apple said the handset would ship on 21 September.

Faster speeds

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Smartphones Sales Jump 90%

By Matt Hamblen, Computerworld


The global smartphone market grew nearly 90% in the third quarter, with enormous gains by Samsung and HTC, market research firm IDC reported Thursday.

Vendors shipped 81 million smartphones, up 89.5% from the 42.8 million units shipped in the third quarter of 2009, and also a jump over the previous quarter in 2010. For the first three quarters, vendors shipped 200.6 million smartphones, an increase of 67% over the 119.6 million shipped for the first three quarters in 2009.